Rules to follow during the stay

Warnings, directions and rules to follow during the stay
Normative references:
Art. 32-51 of the “Code Of Tourism,” Legislative Decree No. 79 of May 23, 2011,
Legislative Decree 62/2018
Law No. 238 of December 23, 2021, implementing EU Directive 2015/2302 as amended;
Tuscany Regional Law 16/1994 and. 42/2000, Law 1084/7 of 27/12/77 (CCV) art. 1. no. 3 and no. 6; art. 17 to 23; art. 24 to 31.

1 – Comply with applicable Laws and regulations, with special reference to the Municipal Police regulations issued by the relevant municipal administrations. Respect silence in the time slot between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. and between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. Parents (or those legally exercising parental authority) are solidly responsible for the acts performed by their minor children within the facility and are required to supervise them and ensure that they maintain polite and respectful behavior toward others, under their own direct responsibility. In particular, with regard to the obligation of respect to silence, the proper use of the services and equipment made available by the facility to its Guests and in general in the apartment and within the entire facility, it is good manners to respect the rules of good civil living.

2 – Given the legal obligations incumbent on the Manager of the Facility, the stay is reserved exclusively for the persons indicated in the reservation. For registration purposes, a few days before arrival, Guests will be asked to fill out a form with their identification data. No persons other than those registered are permitted to enter.

3 – Except for special needs and where possible, check-in will be from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. You must inform our office of your arrival time (including any delays) to the email or phone number you provide when booking. At the time of arrival, you will have to hand over a valid ID (ID card, passport or driver’s license) required by current regulations to one of our staff members. In case of self check-in, the identification and registration procedure will take place electronically.
Data will be processed in accordance with current privacy regulations. The data that are in our possession are exclusively those transmitted voluntarily by users through forms, emails, faxes or telephone calls for the request of services offered in our apartments. Their use is reserved exclusively for the relevant availability/booking request, they will not be given to third parties and you can request their cancellation at any time by contacting us.

4 – The Facility Manager is not responsible for the theft of or damage to property or objects belonging to you left unattended within the facility or in the garage if present nor is it responsible for any damage that may be suffered by cars, motorcycles or bicycles, present in the parking lot if present and appurtenant.

5 – At the time of booking or check-in, the Owner may require a security deposit to be paid to cover any damages. The amount of the security deposit is at the discretion of the Facility Manager and will be communicated at the time of booking. If the amount of damages exceeds the security deposit paid, the guest will be required to proceed with a full refund of the damages, which will be ascertained in an adversarial manner at the time of release, during the verification of the condition of the facility.

6 – Guests are required to promptly notify the Manager of any damages, the Manager may ask guests to send him photos of the damages electronically. At the time of departure, the Facility Manager and his Guests may inspect the property in order to assess damages, both to the property and the furnishings; damages, if any, shall be immediately compensated; in case of self check-out, the owner shall have the right to act for the restoration of the same even later, within 7 days after check-out.

7 – The Manager undertakes to check the good general condition of the Facility before delivery. In case of breakdowns during the stay, the Guest is required to promptly contact the Manager who will endeavor to intervene by sending a technician as soon as possible. Complaints about breakdowns not promptly reported to the Manager will not be accepted. Office opening hours are 09.00 – 13.00 / 15.00 – 19.00. The Guest is required to promptly report not only breakdowns but also any critical issues found in the facility.

8 – Particular attention must be paid to the house keys; their loss will result in the replacement of the front door lock and therefore a penalty of 150.00 euros will be applied, an amount that will be deducted from the security deposit.

9 – On the day of check-out, the property must be returned at 09.00 am so that the apartment can be cleaned, unless special arrangements made at the time of check-in with the Facility Manager. In case of late return of the property, guests will be charged a penalty equal to an additional day of stay, at the same agreed rate.

10 – In order to reduce environmental impacts, while respecting the natural habitat and the water shortage that occurs during the summer on the island, Guests will commit to not waste water unnecessarily and to make appropriate and judicious use of electricity. Turn off the air conditioner if you are not home.

11 – The house shall be delivered tidy and in a good state of cleanliness. Guests are expected to maintain it with regard, carefully placing garbage in the appropriate receptacles, following the recycling instructions and the instructions given by the Manager. It is recommended not to flush items that may clog the plumbing down the toilet or sinks. Upon check-out, the kitchen must be left in perfect order at all times. Cleaning and tidying up of the kitchenette/kitchenette is always the responsibility of the Client, in case the Client fails to clean the kitchenette will be charged additional expenses deducted from the deposit and based on the hours required for cleaning. In general, the Client is expected to take the utmost care of the house, furnishings and all household supplies and equipment provided and inventoried. In case of non-compliance, the amount of the security deposit will not be refunded or partially withheld.

12 – These regulations are published on our website and are displayed inside the apartments. The ascertained failure of guests to comply with any of the points contained herein during their stay may result in the immediate termination of their stay in the Holiday House.

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