Sport, Marine biology Snorkelling and Diving

Sport, Marine biology Snorkelling and Diving

Sea, marine biology, snorkeling. A Biologist’s Weekend. A weekend dedicated to discovering the marine environment, including theory lessons, training workshop on site and snorkelling excursions ( with a dinghy or from the beach depending on the weather at sea). Availability of marine biologists and diving instructors if required : free sub aqua diving trials. Every participant will receive a certificate of attendance on the theory/practice of marine biology. Individual participants €15,00 (snorkelling equipment, 2 lessons and attendance certificate) Snorkelling, between history and nature. A weekend dedicated to the mining history of Terranera, walking along a biological historical route. Departing from Reale beach, discussing biology, marine organisms and the materials washed up on the beach. After, an absorbing look at history, the story of the old mines, the formation of the lake at Terranera, and the minerals found there. Then a dive a few metres down to discover the history which the sea has conserved. Individual participants €15,00 ( snorkelling equipment, 2 marine biology lessons, attendance certificate). A biologist’s week. 3 theory lessons and 5 snorkelling excursions in the bio- diversity of the Island of Elba. Young people work side by side marine biologists and diving instructors to get to known first- hand about the beauty and secrets of our sea, and to learn to respect the fragile balance which exists between the sea and the inhabitants. The sea trips cover some of the most important areas of the south east zone of the island. Individual participants €50,00 (snorkelling equipment, 2 marine biology lessons, attendance certificate) Sub aqua and biology Sub aqua course with a marine biology seminar. Course of study SSI, recognised at International level. The sub aqua course SSI Open Water Diver, qualifies you to ascend to a depth of18 metres (minimum age 15). It is based on 5 theory lessons, 5 sea excursions, and a marine biology seminar. Individual participants €160 (study materials, certificate, full equipment for the course, marine biology seminar)

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