The promontory of Capo Enfola juts out imperiously towards the deep blue sea, cliffs that open along its rocky walls provide an ideal habitat for nesting seabirds. A small strip of land connects it to the rest of the island, and here there are two small beaches, one facing north, small and rocky (50 mt.), and the other (200 m.) in pebbles, that faces west.

Behind the beaches, a large building testifies the great and long history of maritime tradition of this side: the former tuna fishery today houses the headquarters of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, ideal site for the largest marine park in Europe.
Some trails cross the promontory, offering the possibility for excursions with breathtaking views. On the top there are old military installations of the second world war, ammunition depots, barracks and anti-aircraft batteries. Services: bar, restaurant and rent. FREQUENTED.
VITICCIO. The gulf of Viticcio is very broad and its view, from the road leading to Enfola, on clear days is amazing. In the background the imposing silhouette of the massif of Monte Capanne, the intense green of the Mediterranean forest, the mountains of Corsica on the horizon and down along the coast, the crystal clear water that is reflected in the sandy bottom, colored at times by shoals of banks sea grass. The beach of Viticcio (150 m) is made of small pebbles and is reached by a small path of around 200 meters from the road. Services: None. SECLUDED.
FORNO. (120 m, sandy). It’s a small fishing village, with simple houses that sprout from the cliff and the beach. A quiet and sheltered bay, immersed in the lush Mediterranean vegetation. During the day the beach is animated by tourists and locals, and in the evening it’s quiet and crossed by the fishermen with their small wooden boats.
It’s not always easy to find the place for the car, but at least once worth swim at this beach. Services: bar, restaurant, rent. Frequented.
SCAGLIERI, LAMAIA, BIODOLA, PORTICCIOLO. In the same bay where there is the beach of Forno.
spiagge elba
SCAGLIERI. (140 m, sandy). A small sandy beach with all the amenities, bars restaurants, hotel and campings. Only a short stretch of cliffs, easily walkable, separates Scaglieri from the beach of Biodola.
BIODOLA (600 m, sandy). One of the most exclusive and popular beaches of the island: luxurious hotels, resorts, many amenities, bars, restaurants. Perfect for those who love the confusion of crowded beaches. Those who want to enjoy the peacefulness of this soft beach should come early in the morning and leave at 11 a.m. Not easy to find a place for the car and for the most part you have to park along the road. Services: everything. FREQUENTED.
From the hotel Hermitage (a luxurious 5 star hotel) and the diving center, a small path carved into the rock, leads, through passages in artificial caves, to the wild beach of LAMAIA (80 m, sand and gravel). Here the confusion gives way to the silence and the tranquility of a beach accessible only by foot or by sea.
A short and narrow path through the holm oak wood leads to the small and deserted beach of PORTICCIOLO. From here, a stunning view of the promontory of Enfola.
Services: none. SECLUDED.

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